Paid Spiritual Blogging Workshop 2 - Money Matters

Paid Spiritual Blogging Workshop 2 - Money Matters

Steps to Financial Success on Steemit | taught by Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA

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In this second workshop in the series we're going to focus in on the money. 

How do you make more on the platform quickly?

What steps do you need to take, including how much should you expect to invest in your new business if you want to see it succeed more quickly?

I'll tell you up front that while there are things you will learn in this workshop that will work for you with no financial investment into STEEM or SBD on your part, you will succeed soooo much faster if you plan to invest even as little as $50 in one or both of those coins. 

Details will be covered in the course, so don't feel like you need to run out and try to figure out how to best do that now, but just so you know. A lot of the content of this workshop focuses on how you make the most of that $50-100 initial crypto investment to skyrocket your success on the platform. 

Here is the full workshop series...

The four sessions of step-by-step live training are:

  1. Getting Started for Success (necessary foundation for all to learn how to best use those first few days on the platform, plus we cover everything needed for success on the platform at a high level. You could take just this one workshop.)
  2. Money Matters (ways of increasing revenue, with demos of exactly how to do each step)
  3. Content That Wins on the Platform (how to write successfully for this particular platform, with examples of what does and doesn't work through analysis of posts on the platform)
  4. Tools of the Trade (essential tools everyone should use to make more money on the platform with less effort, including on-screen instruction on how to use each one)

Please join now so that you can make the most of your time on Steemit by getting the money flow right early on.

I look forward to having you be a part of my paid spiritual blogging journey and getting to be a support in yours!

(Have questions? Use the support link below to email me. I'm happy to help you decide if this is right for you.)

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA
Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA
President, Awaken, LLC

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA is President of Awaken, LLC, delivering effective business development programs for micro-business founders. She is  the founder of Aspiratech corporate business technology consulting and training firm and of Winning Start mindset & financial liberation programs for people of color. Indigo is also the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." Indigo received her MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the CA Institute of Integral Studies and her BA in International Commerce from Brown University.

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