Course Description

Real world examples, including financial reports - Learn from the Instructor's own “Poverty to Wealth" experience - Follow expert guidance as you develop your own Passion Payday plan and bring it to life

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the revenue paths millionaires use to grow their wealth while maintaining free time
  • Capitalize on millionaire methods for maintaining and building their wealth further
  • Identify your ideal way of making money within the millionaire model
  • Monetize your passion in a way that magnetizes success instead of chasing it
  • Develop and execute your Passion Payday business plan and build on results
  • Create a life you love living, that has the peace, joy, freedom and abundance you desire

Have you wanted a type of success that brings you peace of mind and joy in spirit? I'm talking about a success that is financial, but also much more than that. It is easy to focus on money as the solution to all our problems when it is money we lack. But keep in mind that many a millionaire has committed suicide. Clearly money alone is not the answer.

Experience Teaches - Learn From Proven Success

I once felt the absence of money so sharply that I wanted out of life. In fact, I attempted suicide several times while still a child. And yet I have now attained a type of happiness that includes not only great monetary wealth, but incredible joy each day and the opportunity to contribute to the development of others.

What we all really want is to be happy. It is just that when we are unhappy, it is easy to think that money alone will cure what ills us. Hence all the “get rich quick" formulas and promises out there. I can't promise you an overnight success. My success took years to build. What I can offer you is a path to success that is so enjoyable you won't be in such a hurry to get to the “finish line." In fact, you'll realize there is no finish line, just ever expanding possibilities for what you can create.

If you were seeing increasing success each day, and you knew that you now had the “insider wisdom" you needed to see that continue to increase for the rest of your life, wouldn't you enjoy every step of the journey itself? Wouldn't it be fun to savor the process of becoming more and more and more of your greatest dreams for your life? This course will help you create a practical blueprint for doing just that, and then guide you as you follow through and bring that vision to life.

You Can Do This - Let Me Help You

I want you to know that I have lived what I'm teaching you. I started life in great poverty, and worked my way up to millionaire status solely using methods taught in this course. I am now completely supported by passive income, though I still work on select projects out of sheer love for the work I do.

I also have ample time to volunteer to help others in my community, enjoy friends and family, and maintain good health habits. I know that if you are willing to work at this as hard as I have, and with the same degree of emotional and psychological honesty and courage, you absolutely can see the same sorts of results, no matter where you are as you begin. It won't be overnight, but if you truly enjoy the living of your dream's unfolding, does it need to be?

The product will always reflect the process that created it. So let's have some fun and make some magic! Come on. Join me in the class. I can't wait to become a part of your journey of success, and I hope you'll come back and share your story with me, including sending me your completed workbook for my feedback in the Disqus area, if you are so inclined.

More Student Feedback Received

"Wow! What a great course and I'm glad I took it! I am very impressed with the quality of this course. I have gained a new way to think toward business online after taking this course. Very inspiring and knowledgeable. Thank you Indigo Ocean for this excellent and easy to apply course. I highly recommend this one!"
"Great course!"
"Very nice. I loved the mindset part of the videos. So well explained, that it shifted my viewpoint to how easy it is to walk through life uplifted and happy. Thanks a lot."

"It changes your perceptions while showing you what you already have and own and how to enjoy doing what you love (hope that make sense)"

"Indigo is brilliant! Great content and presentation. I like her style."
"Good reminder of why one should focus on joy, and how to go about building a business to accommodate your own personality. Thank you."

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President, Awaken, LLC

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA is President of Awaken, LLC, delivering effective business development programs for micro-business founders. She is  the founder of Aspiratech corporate business technology consulting and training firm and of Winning Start mindset & financial liberation programs for people of color. Indigo is also the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." Indigo received her MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the CA Institute of Integral Studies and her BA in International Commerce from Brown University.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Download & Save First

    • Passion Payday "Make it Real" Workbook - Download to Save Work

  • 2

    Millionaire Mindset

  • 3

    Millionaire Revenue Paths

    • Revenue path 1 - Online Businesses

    • Revenue path 2 - Brokering

    • Revenue path 3 - Asset Appreciation

    • Revenue path 4 - Info Products

  • 4

    Millionaire Finances

    • Leveraging

    • Investing

  • 5

    Making it Happen

    • Identifying Your Passion

    • Translating Your Passion Into a Path Revenue Can Take to You

    • Launching Your Passion Plan

    • Optimizing Post-Launch

    • Leveraging Your First Passion Payday

  • 6

    Discussion with the Instructor and Other Students

    • Course Discussion Area - Don't be shy...